About Green Fingers


Our Mission & Vision

The mission of our company is to provide the best quality landscaping services to our customers at reasonable prices. Our vision is to allow our customers to enjoy nature by incoporating it into their homes and places of work.

How Green Fingers started?

After moving into our home 2 years ago, we had a hard time looking for a reliable landscaper to beautify our garden. We found it hard to trust the fly-by-night ones and the established ones were charging an arm and a leg. Desperate, we decided to roll up our sleeves and do the work ourselves. We experimented with various plants and learnt what grew well under what sort of conditions. Of course, the process was not always smooth-sailing. We were disappointed when plants died on us. The end result however was nothing short of satisfying. We do not claim to be expert horticulturalists but we developed a passion for nature through our experience which we would like to share with others.

Why choose Green Fingers?

  1. We understand the needs of customers
  2. Take feedback seriously
  3. Easy access to us
  4. Quick response from us
  5. Personalized service
  6. Reasonably priced
  7. Passionate about plants
  8. Closely supervised workers
  9. Quality work
  10. Great after sales service
  11. Free consultation & quotation
  12. We treat our customers as our friends & their gardens like our own

We hope that you will give us a chance to be of service to you. Please contact us.