04Feb 2019

There is no need to worry if you are a garden lover but have limited access to garden space. If not big gardens, we have an option for you to maintain the mini gardens. Terrariums and small pot plants are the best option that fulfills the requirement. Not only terrariums enhance the beauty of your […]

29Jan 2019

Benefits of Landscaping Your Garden The plants, constructions and other structures you abode on your home influence more than just the presence of your home. Understanding in what manner landscaping affects your ambiance can help you to regulate a way for designing your outdoor space. Landscaping a part of your ambiance allows you to enhance […]

27Sep 2018

Vertical gardening is an innovative solution to space constraints in land-scarce Singapore. Not only does it provide a healthier and more attractive urban environment, it can be productive too with the planting of edible herbs. The vertical garden kit consists of a panel which can be installed on any vertical wall and removable containers for easy planting.